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Creating a survey from the homepage or from your survey list is a simple click. There's a lot more going on, and if you're a power user, you're going to want to know everything.

Overview of the survey list

Use the filters and search to find an existing survey, or select Create new survey to start a new one.

  1. Surveys and templates - Select the drop-down list to display surveys or templates. When you have access to other users surveys and templates, the list will include an "All" option.
  2. Filter by - Select a survey status or distribution type to limit the number of surveys displayed.
  3. Survey properties - Select a survey from the list, then select the settings icon (gear icon) to view and edit survey properties.

Survey options

When you select or hover over a survey in the list, an actions menu (...) is available to perform certain actions.

  • Duplicate survey - will create a new copy of the survey with all its settings, including the form, logic, design, respondents, email campaign. The only thing not copied are the publishing settings.
  • Preview survey - will open the survey for you to review as if you were a respondent. Consult this article for more information on previewing: Preview your survey.
  • Delete survey - remove the survey from the list by permanently deleting it. Only available for drafts and closed/expired surveys.


    Deleting a survey means you can no longer access its content, including all responses and compiled data.

Create the survey

Select Create a new survey from the Homepage or the Survey list. You can choose a template from the BlueX Pre-defined templates, or launch a blank canvas.


You can duplicate an existing survey.

Once the survey has been created, add information that will allow you to better identify this survey. On the right-hand side, locate Survey Overview - Properties.

  • Name: The internal survey name displayed on Survey list.
  • Description: Details pertaining to the content or purpose of the survey.
  • Tags: Short descriptive identifiers (usually one or two words) to help identify the survey.
  • Categories: Groups or classes of surveys that share similar aspects or themes.

There is no incorrect way to build your survey. But there are four important aspects you should consider:

Select your respondents

There are two kinds of surveys: private surveysClosed A type of survey that only a pre-defined group of respondents can participate. and public surveysClosed A type of survey that anyone who has access to the survey link can participate. All gathered responses will be anonymous.. In a private survey, data is collected from a specific group of people, defined by the survey creator. Whereas in a public survey, data is collected from an unknown group of people.

Build the questionnaire

Your form contains a list of questions designed for collecting information on a subject from your respondents. Without conforming to a fixed structure, the form allows free-form editing just like in a text editor.

Configure the email campaign

If you plan to send the survey to your respondents by email, BlueX can help you automate this process. You can schedule the following types of emails:

  • Invitation
  • Reminder
  • Final reminder
  • Completion

Send your survey

Determine the following before publishing your survey:

  • when does the Response collection period start and end?
  • can respondents change their answers after submission?
  • when will emails be sent to respondents?

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