Send out your survey

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Before you send your questionnaire, you should review and preview it.


Publishing is final. Once you send out your survey, it is going out and there is no canceling, reverting, or stopping the process. Previewing and testing your survey become crucial components to your publishing process.

Preview your survey

Once you are satisfied with your survey and email campaign, use the preview function to see the survey and emails as if you were a respondent.

Consult this article for more details: Preview your survey.

Test your survey

When you like your preview, test the email campaign by sending yourself and other stakeholders a test version.

Consult this article for more details: Test your survey before launching.

Publish your survey

Are you ready? This is the exciting part. You've built a survey and wrote your emails. You reviewed your whole campaign, tested it, and previewed it. The time is ripe . Send it!

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