Monitor your survey

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When your survey is running and responses are rolling in, you can monitor and manage the survey with Survey management.


Access to different pages in Survey management is a privileged feature that is only available to certain users. If you need this access, contact the Administrator of your organization for more information.

Survey management allows you to oversee everything that is happening in a survey and perform different actions to manage it.

Access Survey management from the Survey list or from anywhere inside the survey editor using the survey management icon ().

The following sections will help you manage your survey:

  • Dashboard: Gain insights and detailed statistics of key performance indicators with graphical charts.
  • Task management: Individual questionnaires listed in one place, where you can manage their progress.
  • email center: Check the status of all emails sent (or pending) in your email campaign.
  • Responses: Review collected responses categorized by questions, or export them for further analysis.
  • Export history: Download the responses.