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What is BlueX

Craft your survey how you want it to look while asking the questions that are important to you. BlueX features a free-form editor with a drag and drop interface that provides you with unprecedented flexibility to make changes any time you want.

Conducting market research, investigating employee engagement level, carrying out a training quiz, or building a feedback gathering newsletter, the BlueX platform allows you to build quick and convenient feedback collection solutions.

With a simple interface and robust functionality, you can build a questionnaire with assorted question types, and enhanced survey logic. Share the questionnaire publicly where respondents are anonymous, or send it to a private group.

Take the tour

When first logging into BlueX, you are invited to take a quick tour to better understand the survey lifecycle and key BlueX features.

The quick tour is always available from the BlueX Homepage in the Welcome message menu.

How it works

We take care of the complicated stuff.

This guide helps you navigate the BlueX journey from beginning to end:

  1. Start from the Homepage - Nowhere better to start. The Homepage provides you with survey statuses, and access to different BlueX activities.
  2. Create the survey - Core to your BlueX experience, translate your feedback needs into a survey. The process normally involves the following steps:
  3. Monitor, report, and manage the survey - When a survey is successfully published, the real journey is just beginning.
  4. Manage the administrative tasks - Although not part of the process, as the BlueX admin, you have more power than other users. Consult the admin guide here.