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Welcome to Bluepulse, an online feedback platform, a space where members of your organization can voice their opinions, comments, and concerns privately and free from judgment. With it's social approach and intuitive design, Bluepulse makes it possible for you to get honest feedback instantly!

This is the first page you see when you sign into Bluepulse. From here, you can access the entire Bluepulse application. Explore each area of the home page below.

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  1. My Profile - displays your name and avatar used in Bluepulse. For more information on how to edit your profile, read up on Manage your Profile.
  2. My to-do list - contains all of your to-do items. For more information about My To-do List and how it works, read up on Add to your To-Do List.
  3. Quickpulse - gives you the opportunity to share or request feedback in seconds. For more information about Quickpulse and how it works, read up on Get Quick Feedback with Quickpulse.
  4. Feed - the summary of all your Bluepulse events shown from newest to oldest. Scroll through to see all the thoughts, questions, follow-ups, and more. For more information about the Feed and how it works, read up on Check your Feed.
  5. Shortcut Panel - allows you to quickly access other pages. The shortcuts include opening the Question editor to ask a question, going to Central Pulse or Profile settings pages. For more information about each shortcut and how they work, read up on Ask and Answer Questions, Manage Feedback with Central Pulse, and Manage your Profile.
  6. Notifications - a chronological list of your latest activity in Bluepulse. For more information about Notifications and how they work, read up on Manage your Profile.
  7. Settings - gives you access to your Profile settings. Manage your profile, pair your device with the Bluepulse web application, change or reset your password, and adjust the frequency of notifications. For more information, read up on Manage your Profile.
  8. Help Center - get your questions about Bluepulse answered by navigating to the Help Center.
  9. Log out - end your Bluepulse session by navigating to the header and use () to sign out of the application.